Socialist Architecture of Tbilisi

These images were scanned from the 1963 book “სოციალისტური თბილისის არქიტექტურა” by N. Jashi, edited by Dr. P. Y. Agababian. It can be found at Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University. Advertisements

Ministry of Highways

Opened in 1975 as the Ministry of Highway Construction, this icon of Soviet architecture stood abandoned after the collapse of the USSR until it was acquired by the Bank of Georgia in 2007.… Continue reading

Sketches of Western Georgia by Don Cristoforo de Castelli (1631-1652)

Don Cristoforo de Castelli was a 17th century Italian missionary from Genoa. He arrived in the Caucasus in 1630, and kept a detailed sketchbook throughout his travels between Catholic missions in the region… Continue reading

Ethnographic Drawings by Nino Brailashvili, 1930s-1980s

Nino Brailashvili was an ethnographic artist who produced a vast body of work throughout the Soviet period. Her detailed illustrations of historic houses, costumes, crafts, and rituals are considered an invaluable resource now… Continue reading

Visualizations: Stats on Life in Georgia

These visualizations were developed by Feradi, a data journalism organization that analyzes and data from various public and private institutions, and then graphically formats it.

Photographs by Alexander Roinashvili (1849 – 1898)

Alexander Roinashvili was born in 1846 into a family of farmers in Dusheti, a highland region about fifty miles from Tiflis, not far from the Georgian Military Road. He studied photography and painting with Theodor… Continue reading

Soviet-era Ephemera

Imperial-era Ephemera

Tiflis Flood of 1893 (Dimitri Ermakov)

The Mtkvari River (Russian: Kura) running through Tiflis broke over the embankments in 1893 (coincidentally, the same year that Ioseb Jugashvili, later known a Josef Stalin, arrived in Tiflis to begin seminary school),… Continue reading

Tbilisi Academy of Arts

The Apollon Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Arts is located in one of the  city’s most significant historic buildings on Griboyedovi Street (formerly Komandant Street)–an eclectic complex combining elements of Baroque, Classical, and… Continue reading