Tbilisi in 1947 (Robert Capa)

Robert Capa (born Endre Erno Friedmann) was a Hungarian combat photographer and photojournalist who covered five wars: the Spanish Civil War, the second Sino-Japanese War, the Western front of WWII, the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, and the first Indochina War. In 1947 Capa traveled to the Soviet Union with his friend, the American writer John Steinbeck. He took photos in Moscow, Kiev, Tbilisi, Batumi, and among the ruins of Stalingrad. Steinbeck’s account of their journey, A Russian Journal, (1948) was illustrated with Capa’s photos.

Robert Kapas 1947 10 minutes

Morning exercise in a girl’s classroom. The sign below the portrait of Stalin reads “gaumarjos did stalins!” (Cheers to the great Stalin)

capa akaki

at a cemetery (the gravestone reads “Akaki,” a male Georgian name)

capa dance

dancing at a supra (traditional feast)

capa maybe tsu

Tbilisi State University

capa wedding dance

performing the wedding dance at a supra

capa church capa churchgoers capa city view capa class capa classroom capa cliff capa dance kids capa drummers capa harvest capa market 2 capa market lace capa market capa meat 2 capa meat capa meeting capa orphan school capa oxen capa patriarch capa plants capa race capa river capa shop capa sports capa supra capa toast capa train capa window capa wrestling call capa wrestling throw capa wrestling

Robert Kapas 1947 tbilisi 2

Cart driver by the riverside with a view of Narikala Fortress on the hill

Robert Kapas 1947 statue Robert Kapas 1947 tbilisi oldbridge Robert Kapas 1947 tbilisi store Robert Kapas 1947 tbilisi Robert Kapas 1947 tbilisi 3 Robert Kapas 1947 tbilisi meidani